Fixer of explicitly unwrapped optionals

Lowe’s Home Improvement

At Iris I implemented a number of complex User Interfaces and security features such as TouchID/FaceID, device pairing, streaming video and monitored alerts to ensure home protection. Learn more about Iris here.

Independent Consultant

I've been remotely worked on the redesign of a Top 10 Fitness application's user interface. Worked under time constraints and a strict specification to deliver before a hard launch date.

Also I've remotely prototyped a full stack application using modern technologies and frameworks: Node.js, MongoDB and Swift.

Transmedia Creative Lab

2011 to 2015 I was the lead developer of Walkin, Transmedia's first application. Its a shopping application with many great partner brands. The company is working on providing the same loyalty services in branded apps now.

Heres a few of the things I'd love to highlight that I worked on in the application over the 4 years I worked on it

  • Augmented Reality

  • Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Custom precaching of images

  • Dynamic content

  • Authentication

While at Transmedia I also managed projects from the technical angle

  • Managing developers & designers

  • Managing the outsourcing of mission critical components

  • Creating product plans including feature sets, cost, and timelines

  • Acted as the voice of the development team in company meetings with the CEO and other stake holders

Red Rocket Games

At Red Rocket I got my start working with Apps. Nowadays I joke that I was the most experienced developer for iPhone games at the time because I started developing for iPhone as soon as the SDK was released, I knew iOS was going to be something big and I sought out work that was with iOS. Red Rocket found me and I loved my experience with the company. My first job with Red Rocket was as a 'web master' but that changed to game developer after a month. My first game, Little Runner, was profitable and made the Top 100 list. For 2 years I worked at Red Rocket as an engineer and made some great stuff using both Cocoa and Unity3D. I wrote in C#, Javascript, HTML, CSS, C & Obj-C.