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Coming Home to America

Added on by Paul Wood.

I'm back in the Land of the Free ready to ride around my home state of South Carolina. I took a Saturday afternoon flight from Shanghai to Chicago and then the last flight to Columbia SC which arrived at 10pm.Both flights were uneventful. As I was arriving into the Columbia Metropolitan Airport I was quite happy and in a giddy mood. After I got to the airport I found out that my luggage was lost in Chicago, specifically my bike! So while I'm here I can't ride yet. I'm looking forward to a day of unloaded riding around Columbia. I need to tune the bike back up after half of the parts have been disassembled.

I packed a lot less for this trip. First off, no tent, no sleeping bag. This is my home turf, my goal is to crash on a friend's couch, or a friend of a friend's couch every night I'm on my tour here. However I might borrow a tent, camping hammock or sleeping bag from a friend for an emergency lodging. If you live in South Carolina and want to house me for a night please drop me a line in the comments section. I can only afford to pay you in awesome conversation though. I've started calling a lot of people to see if and when their couch may be available. My family is also pretty evenly spread across the state.

I want to do a lap of the state, but I may need to do a figure 8. I've broken the trip down into legs. I'm using a site called SC Trails as a guide, and I'm snooping around Map My Ride to see what others have done.

First Leg

Columbia, Camden, Cheraw, North Myrtle Beach

I might want to do the Cheraw North Myrtle Beach trip in one day, or perhaps make a stop in Conway to make things easier on me. But this trip lets me see most of my family early in the trip. I've then got a week or two to see the rest of the state before Christmas.

Coastal Route

North Myrtle Beach, Georgetown, Charleston, Beaufort, Savannah

I want to hit as many islands as I can on the way between those points. I can think of so many places to see along the coast. Francis Marion National Park,  Kiawah Island, Hunting State Park, Hilton Head Island

To the Foothills

Savannah, Augusta, Anderson, Greenville, Spartanburg

This is where my schedule gets hazy, I could ride right back to Columbia, then go to Spartanburg, then Greenville. Or I could ride this route from Savannah to Greenville. My schedule for this leg of the trip will depend on how close Christmas is. My only date set in stone to be somewhere is Camden for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I may make my Christmas present to myself a ride from Camden to my family's lake house on Lake Wateree.

It feels great to be home. The air is cleaner, the skys are blue, the people are nice.