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Day Seventeen - Out of Qingdao

Added on by Paul Wood.

20121109-201206.jpg Today I got out of Qingdao. I was tired off the hills and complete lack of bike lanes in the city. It's a beautiful place but best left for a summer vacation. Before I left town I or ode up too see the views from the TV tower thou and got a great view.

I took the ferry to Huangdao just a few kilometers south of Qingdao. Huangdao was gorgeous. I saw the Golden Sand Beach and rode on the best road I've been on here in China. I kept riding even as the sun went down because of how well lighted the road was. I saw the sun set over the mountains. It hasn't been this scenic sense the Great Wall.

The bike is riding well. It feels like I could use some more tire pressure but I could keep a good pace today so I probably won't change anything tomorrow in the spirit of "if it ain't broke don't fix it."

I kept riding to Jiaonam, which will make my day tomorrow much shorter. I'm sleeping in a cheap motel for 80 RMB tonight. It's really loud because I'm next to the street but I've got headphones so I'll make due.

Tomorrow I hope to go to Rizhao, rain is forecasted so I hope I can keep my good spirits another day.




Day Eleven - Wind & Rain

Added on by Paul Wood.

I woke up in Huanghua and out my window all I could see are these Chinese lane houses. I was sore and exhausted from the night before but somehow I convensed myself that I had to keep moving. I know at 100 RMB a night I could afford my nice hotel room for a day of recovery but that if I took that day I wouldn't get to Suzhou as fast. I got on the rode around 9 am and started fighting the wind. The best speed I could sustain wash 20 km per hour, well below my adverage getting to Tianjin. But after two hours of riding I met some other cyclist riding from Huanghua to Qingdao as well. They had left an hour before me so I was making good time. Despite the slower pace I joined them for the day of riding. It turned out to be a smart move.

The rain started at about 3 pm and slowly got heavier until 6 pm when it was a downpour. We had spread out over the last hour of riding, so I waited for two of the other guys to catch up at a local gas station. My friend wanted to keep going to the big city og BinZhou, but I knew for safety reasons we should stop. BinZhou was another 40 km away & it was wet, hard to see the road and getting colder.

Once we regrouped, We found a cheap guest house at the next crossroad and after a lot of haggling paid 20 RMB per person to stay the night. In total I spent about 60 RMB today on food and lodging.

They name of this town is Xia Wa zhen, 下洼镇 . It's at the cross section of two highways. S237 and S315. It's my first stop in a one stoplight town. But no one seems to pay attention to that stop light.