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Day Seven - To the Great Wall

Added on by Paul Wood.

I made it to the Great Wall today! I got here at about 4:30. I didn't have enough time to get to another city to take a hostel and I was afraid to ask for a room in one of the many motels here (all empty) so I waited until dusk and snuck into an apple orchard. I'm camped beneath a ridge so you'd have to be looking for me on the path to see me, but I doubt anyone is gonna look for me. The Bike isn't riding great. My front wheel isn't true so it gets really wobbly. I have to keep my hands in one or two positions to keep it from going out of control. It might be that I have uneven weight on my front panniers, something I'll check tomorrow. This is all very much trail and error for me right now. I don't really know how to true a wheel so when I head back south I'll be looking for a Decathlon, Giant or Trek store to help me.

I've got a few amazing Timelapse videos to post in the coming days. Up the mountain, down the mountain, and lastly up to the Great Wall itself. I'll post them in time.


Day Five

Added on by Paul Wood.


  • Rode to see The Great Wall. I will be back!
  • Played Bike Polo
  • Got my new frame and switched the components over

All set to tour again.

pictures tomorrow need sleep