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Day Two

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Today was a day to solve problems. I'm a programmer by trade so I think I'm pretty good with this kind of work. Programming has also taught me to except the problem solving process as normal to my life. What this meant practically is that I rode all around Beijing today to fix things. I woke up at 6:30, I went to bed right after writing last night so this got me a lot of sleep. After a quick breakfast across the street on the most amazing little dumplings I decided to go on a morning ride to watch the city wake up. I also gave my "Timelapse Live" app a little test drive to see how things were running. The app has some problems but I'll get to them later.

About 9 am I tried out a local road bike shop. The shop is in SOHO and I highly recommend it to road bikers. The owner was in yet. I waited in a nearby coffee shop waiting for him but gave up as it was about time to checkout of my hotel. So I went back to the hotel, checked out, stored my luggage and pedaled back to SOHO. The bike owner coucln't help me, nor did he have the tire I needed to replace.I also bought a master chain link remover tool so I can easily fix my chain in the future. It has already proved itself useful.

The bike shop owner did recommend another place that should have my tires. So I rode to Natooke for a replacement tire. The shop is in a great location, and had a huge selection of parts for fixie riders. They do a lot of cycling events so next time I'm in Beijing with my fixie it'll be on the top of my todo list. My greatest compliment to them is how friendly the staff were. They had 2 tires ready but I only took one to test things out. They did all the work really fast and chatted me up in Chinese while I waited.

Tire problem solved, so the next thing to do was to find a welder to fix my Brazon problem. I found one near Serk. He charged me 30 kuai for the work, which made me really happy.

Welders working on my bike

Unfortunately when I put the rack back on the welding immediately broke. So I called up my frame maker and he is sending me a new one tomorrow. Hopefully it will arrive Saturday so I can start the trip back to Shanghai Sunday or Monday.

So I'm stranded in Beijing with nothing to do! Well not really. I've got programming work to do for my job as well as a little polishing for Timelapse Live. Timlapse Live is the app post images automatically to this blog and currently is also post to Weibo. a great job posting to Weibo but not so good at posting to my blog. Also the images are usually on the bright side. I think I need to adjust the camera's sensitivity to light. Lastly I'd like TimelapseServer to handle the posting to Weibo, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and AppDotNet in the future. This way I only need to upload the image once instead of twice.

I rode 41 km today, so a light day by touring standards. Tomorrow I hope to work out the kinks on the Timelapse Live app and share with you all the tourist spots in Beijing. I can't load up my bike with my gear but I can still ride it. I'm going to make the best of the situation and enjoy Beijing on a bike!