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Day twenty two - The road to Nanjing

Added on by Paul Wood.

Today I rode down the G205. It's a new road, at least it's been recently repaved. It goes between Huaian and Nanjing. The interesting thing to me about it is that the G205 doesn't go through any cities between Huaian and Nanjing, only small towns for 200 . So tonight I'm staying in a little guest house in the Anhui province. The town is called Zhangpuzhen, I'm paying 40 RMB for my room. I'm probably the first foreigner anyone has seen around here in a long time. A group of children formed around me just to look at me. While I was eating dinner at a fried chicken joint a few teenage (maybe older? they all look young here in China) girls snuck a few pictures of me that I'm sure are now on Weibo... I saw them doing it but played dumb. I've learned that keeps things simple and least embarrassing.

The ride was smooth and the only climbs were up bridges. It is now the Wheat harvest and I see wheat being payed out on every concrete service available. I don't understand why they do this but I'm no farmer.

My lunch today was free. I rolled into a fish shop in the city of Hongze and asked for a simple meal of rice, eggs and tomatoes and they gave it to me for free. I didn't want any fish because I prefer my fish only on the opposite ends of the cooking scale, deep fried or raw.

Tomorrow I should reach Nanjing hopefully in the early afternoon. I'm about 87 km from the city now. I'll be looking for a cheap hotel that e cepts foreigners. I've learned the hard way that most cheap places don't except a passport because they don't have the proper permits, out here in the countryside they don't care much but in the city they often turn me away because of my passport.