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Day Twenty - To Lianyungang

Added on by Paul Wood.

I rode from Rizhao to Lianyungang today, or I think Lianyun is also appropriate to say. I keep having to remind myself the name of the city I am riding to. The only way to see it is to zoom out on iPhone maps app to see most of China. At any closer view it only shows the districts. Lianyungang is situated between two mountains and is quite scenic. Unfortunately its also an industrial city. 20121113-092232.jpg

I rode through some generic Chinese countryside today, and because I was tuned into my new audiobooks not much really drew my eye. This is the first time I've been in "the zone" on the trip. Its a great feeling to have especially when riding. In my work life I have certain rituals to get myself into the zone. It seems that now I have some kind of idea of how to do the same while on my bike.

Surprisingly what go me there was listening to the book Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline read by Wil Wheaton. Its a book about a video game so its ironic that this book got me so focused in as if I was playing a video game. Wil Wheaton fit the character pretty well since I only know him as that kid annoying kid from Star Trek. Cline's book makes constant pop culture references, so it was funny when Wil Wheaton had to mention himself in the book.

I arrived at Lianyun in the late afternoon. After searching for a bit I found a 100 RMB a night hotel near the road out of Lianyun. I walked out to have some spicy noodle soup at a local restaurant. As soon as I got back to my room I passed out,my body feels like it has been a long day of riding but in my head it flelt like it flew by.