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Day Twenty Four - Nanjing Tourist Day Part 2

Added on by Paul Wood.

After spending the morning at Sun Yat-Sen's Mausoleum and the early afternoon in the Ming Tombs I decided I really liked Purple Mountain and needed to come back. I haven't camped much on this trip and I really need to use my tent more since I bring it with me everywhere. So I went back into town, picked up my gear from the hotel, ate a very early dinner, bought some fruit and bread, and rode back to Purple Mountain. I got to the foot of the mountain around dusk, and quickly climbed up to a trail head. I got confused and rode back down the other side of the mountain. Then doubled back and hiked up a trail until it split into three branches. After walking with my bike a ways down the largest trail I doubled back to the clearing where the three branches met. I decided this had to be the most secluded clearing I would find tonight and I started to make camp.

After I unpacked my tent, but before I could drive in a single stake an SUV rode up the trail. I quickly threw the tent at my bike and waited for the disturbance to approach. A group of many fears scrambled around my head. Mostly I was worried a park ranger was doing his last round of the park before he went home and that I was about to be asked to leave. Instead a young Chinese couple popped their heads out of the car and said "Hello." They didn't actually speak English though. I quickly found out that the husband owns a bike shop, he got out of his car to inspect my bike. Whew! We shared contact info (Sina Weibo) and now I know Wangjian and Momo from Nanjing.

After they left I set up my tent. The I placed my helmet outside with the blinking red light I use for night time riding flashing. I also draped my bright yellow raincoat over the tent for better visibility. Now I'm eating apples, oranges and Xinjiang bread. I hope I don't get any more interruptions. If I do they will see me before its too late.

Nanjing breaths heavily at night. I know I snore, but Nanjing isn't quiet at all. I can hear trains, cars, boats, and planes from my tent. I don't hear any voices which is a relief. I am accustomed to the loud noises of the city, but usually I hear it from space that I have rented. Tonight, like that night near the Great Wall, I worry that I am not welcomed where I am sleeping. I don't know why, It's just my fear while stealth camping.

This afternoon's pictures will be posted in time,