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Day Twenty Four - Nanjing Tourist Day Part 1

Added on by Paul Wood.

I've had a fun filled morning and my phone battery is getting low due to all the pictures I've been taking. Now seems to be a good time to sit down, charge up my iPhone and write about my day so far. First off I'm typing from the Ming Tomb's on Purple Mountain in Nanjing. To my back is the wall of the tomb and in front of me is the hill that the Emperor was buried under. I'm not sure what emperor, that kind of thing slips out of my mind very quickly, but it was an Emperor during the Ming Dynasty around the 13th-14th Century AD. I think he was the first Ming Emperor. Heres some Wikipedia for you if you really want to know more.

Before I visited the Ming Tombs I visited Sun Yat-Sen's Mausoleum about a km away to the east and uphill. His burial site is beautiful and caused me to read his Wikipedia article on the site. I've wanted to visit this landmark in Nanjing since one of my teaching units in school focused on the mausoleum. I also came to realize that I came during the right time of year. Some of the trees on Purple Mountain still have beautiful yellow covered leaves on them.

Nanjing is a great city to ride in I want to come back in the scpring with some friends for a day or weekend trip. I think with the high speed railway it can be done in one day.