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Day Twelve - Snow

Added on by Paul Wood.

We got out on the road around 10am this morning. The day only got colder as we went on. The main site for today was crabapple fields. I didn't wear my cycling shoes today because they were wet from the day before. So after we started my feet got cold and I added one pair of socks. It started snowing and I added another pair of socks. Then after my feet were wrapped in about an inch of cotton and wool I was still cold!. I then added a disposable heat pack to the mix to help out... Still Cold. At lunch I borrowed one of my companions hair dryer to dry out my cycling shoes. This helped a great deal but my feet were still cold in the afternoon. I had to stop after two hours of riding to warm them up.

I'm bringing a hair dryer on all future trips through China. Its so convient to dry small articles of clothing, like socks and gloves to be reused the next day after washing.

We made it about 70 km today in the wind and snow to a smallish city called Boxing. Not boxing like a fight but Bo Xing. Its cold wet and muddy and we don't want to ride in the night when things are only going to get worse.

Tonight's lodging cost 20 RMB per person, and we have a computer in the room! Thats luxury housing for the big spenders. I'm happy to have met these guys just so I know about the cheap hotels around China. I previously thought I needed to find a brand name hotel but it seems I do not. One concern though is the legality of these hotels, in regards to foreigners. If I didn't have a Chinese person with me I might not be able to check in. Some hotels require a Chinese ID card as a deposit. I can't do that with my passport. Strangely the Chinese hostesses ask me if I have an ID card so perhaps there is a way for me to get one. I'll look into that when I get back to Shanghai.