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Day Ten - Mud

Added on by Paul Wood.

Today was the day of Mud, I rode near mud, over mud, next to mud, and through mud for hours. I picked this route because it was near the coast and I thought it would be all farm land, but I was wrong, I got mud land. Tianjin was quite pretty on the way out. Chinese cities do really well at public works. The parks along the road are beautiful. And they get maintained year round. All the leaves in this park were racked up into piles and people were coming by clearing those piles.

I was heading toward Qingdao even though I'm 4 days away from Qingdao. Yesterday the fields near Beijing were so pretty I though for sure things could only get better as I head south. but I was in an Oil, Windfarm, Electricity generating hub. I passed A Coal Power Plant, 2 Gas power plants, and a fields of wind turbines.

My road turned into a construction project once I left Tianjin. And no bike paths were to be found up to the "interstate". But I caught a glimpse of a man riding his bike over a wooden bridge build next to the concrete bridge that the workers used. So I took it across the river.

I met up with another rider for lunch. He previously had worked on the wind turbines in the area. He surprised me with how much food he ordered, and then paid for before I could even try.

I then passed more mud, and then some more mud, and then finally a farm! YAY for green! I headed inland because of the boring route I took, and it paid off. I'm now in a city called Huanghua, paying 100 kuai a night for a hotel and it is comfy, despite things smelling of smoke.

For dinner I went to a normal Dongbei restaurant, hoping for some good dumplings. Inside I met a few Chinese guys who fed me on fresh crabs got me to drink a lot of the local sugar water. Once again I didn't pay for my meal. So all in all today I have spent less then $20 on room and board, I'm kind of proud of myself.