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Day Sixteen - Rest Day in Qingdao

Added on by Paul Wood.

I slept in until 7:30 this morning! Wow thats late right? I guess my sleep schedule has changed a lot on the road. I wake up with the sun usually. I did some shopping today. First for new inner tubes, then for some gear.

I went to two bike shops looking for inner tubes today but no dice. It seems my wheelset is an oddity in China. I can buy them off Taobao no problem which I might need to do if I get stuck in the countryside.

At Decathlon I bought new smaller and lighter rain pants. My current rain pants are more for a hurricane than a simple storm. I found a couple pair of casual pants that I can wear around town without looking to out of place with my biking tights on. I bought some bike tubes that are too small for my tire but they might get me to the next town if bad things happen with my current tubes. I also bought another pair of cycling pants to wear since I've been wearing my current pair every day and I think another pair might be good to share the load.

Lastly I went to B&Q for Zip ties, trash bags (for covering my electronics in inside my panniers) and Microfiber towels, which I hope dry out faster than my cotton towel I currently have.

Tomorrow I'm going to adjust my gear again and remove a few things I no longer think I'll need, like the old rain pants and maybe my tarp which hasn't found a use for itself yet.

I didn't eat lunch but I had an early dinner across the street from the Qingdao Beer Museum. It was good to return to the area. I also rode around most of the Qingdao coast. None of the roads here have bike lanes and the hills are problematic. I can see why Qingdao doesn't have a much of a bike culture as Shanghai or Beijing because of the topography.

When I got back to the Hotel I discovered a major problem with my bike. Pictures of the problem and how I fixed it below. Yep it happened again.

Qingdao Coast