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Day Seven - To the Great Wall

Added on by Paul Wood.

I made it to the Great Wall today! I got here at about 4:30. I didn't have enough time to get to another city to take a hostel and I was afraid to ask for a room in one of the many motels here (all empty) so I waited until dusk and snuck into an apple orchard. I'm camped beneath a ridge so you'd have to be looking for me on the path to see me, but I doubt anyone is gonna look for me. The Bike isn't riding great. My front wheel isn't true so it gets really wobbly. I have to keep my hands in one or two positions to keep it from going out of control. It might be that I have uneven weight on my front panniers, something I'll check tomorrow. This is all very much trail and error for me right now. I don't really know how to true a wheel so when I head back south I'll be looking for a Decathlon, Giant or Trek store to help me.

I've got a few amazing Timelapse videos to post in the coming days. Up the mountain, down the mountain, and lastly up to the Great Wall itself. I'll post them in time.