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Day Nine - Tianjin

Added on by Paul Wood.

I rode from the south part of Beijing to Tianjin today. 120 km in total. The best part of the day was some of the roads. For the most part I rode through the country side. I had lots of shade and usually corn fields to my left and right. Most of the roads also had a wide bike lane so I felt safe. The one stretch that did not have a bike lane was quite empty and very picturesque.


I was doing great until about 3pm when I ran out of fuel. By fuel I mean food, and it wasn't like I got hungry its much more a feeling thoughout your body that you are on empty and can't do quite what you want to do. I didn't realize this until about 4pm and tried my best to push myself to Tianjin before I took a food break. Tomorrow I'll be bringing a few chocolate bars to keep me energized.

The bike is holding up great, rides so much better with the trued wheel and adjusted weight.

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