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Day Fourteen - Alone Again

Added on by Paul Wood.

So I'm back by myself again today. And I felt the difference. First off I rode a lot faster than when I was with the group. I averaged over 22 km/h today when riding. I had a good 2 hours before lunch that I was keeping between 26-30km/h which is really fast for a touring bike. I was able to do this by drafting farm equipment going down the road with me. If the managed to pass me slowly I would put for the extra effort to get behind them at the same speed and then it was easy sailing from there. When drafting I go faster and have to pedal a lot less so it was a relief whenever someone at the right speed rode by me that I could draft. Also it makes riding much more interesting. Today was also a day of flat tires. I woke up with a flat and after lunch had a flat. When putting on the tire again after the second flat I pinched the tube and caused a third flat. I also had a flat yesterday. So in total I've fixed my tire 4 times in the last 2 days. A major bummer.

I've bought a new odometer made by Cat Eye, this one is more permanently attached to the bike so I won't be losing it like the last one. It also tells me if I'm keeping good pace or slowing down which I think is cool to see.

I've found a slightly cheap hotel. Its not as cheap as the ones the other guys could find but a lot more comfy to me, for example I have my own bathroom.

I didn't ride very far today but I blame the flat tire for that.


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