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Moganshan Trip One

Added on by Paul Wood.

I went to Moganshan with some friends from Shanghai. We rented a small bus from the Specialized Shop here in Shanghai and our driver took us straight to the mountain.

Saddle Looks Bad

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I'm worried about my Brooks saddle. I rode on it yesterday in the rain with my new rain pants. I guess I rubbed off the top layer of treated leather with the pants and now things look bad. I've looked up how to fix it and I'm off to find something like Proofide. Wish me luck! Update: I got some cheap no dye shoe polish, since I can't find anything else around here to use. I rubbed it on the saddle, then removed it then waited a bit, then added another coat and removed the excess again. The leather feels better and doesn't look thirsty like it did before. The saddle is still well tensioned. I'm probably overreacting about it I just don't know how best to treat leather.

Day Fourteen - Alone Again

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So I'm back by myself again today. And I felt the difference. First off I rode a lot faster than when I was with the group. I averaged over 22 km/h today when riding. I had a good 2 hours before lunch that I was keeping between 26-30km/h which is really fast for a touring bike. I was able to do this by drafting farm equipment going down the road with me. If the managed to pass me slowly I would put for the extra effort to get behind them at the same speed and then it was easy sailing from there. When drafting I go faster and have to pedal a lot less so it was a relief whenever someone at the right speed rode by me that I could draft. Also it makes riding much more interesting. Today was also a day of flat tires. I woke up with a flat and after lunch had a flat. When putting on the tire again after the second flat I pinched the tube and caused a third flat. I also had a flat yesterday. So in total I've fixed my tire 4 times in the last 2 days. A major bummer.

I've bought a new odometer made by Cat Eye, this one is more permanently attached to the bike so I won't be losing it like the last one. It also tells me if I'm keeping good pace or slowing down which I think is cool to see.

I've found a slightly cheap hotel. Its not as cheap as the ones the other guys could find but a lot more comfy to me, for example I have my own bathroom.

I didn't ride very far today but I blame the flat tire for that.


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New Friends when I needed them

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I made some new friends today on the road. They are also riding to Qingdao. It's been a very wet windy day so I'm happy to have a few other people with me to keep me going. Ill have more of an update tomorrow morning when I'm rested