Fixer of explicitly unwrapped optionals

Interview Prep

:for me and you, a manual on Paul Wood by Paul Wood

Projects and the Grid of Behavioral queues I’ll be looking at during a Phone Interview


Most Challenging: Swift Refactor from 3-4 due to the QA aspect of a fundamental change in the underlying code base

What you learned: Reactive and Declarative programming

Most Interesting: Siri Intents for Home Automation

Hardest Bug: Video Playback issues sue to using a Class Cluster in AVFoundation

Enjoyed Most: Implementing Lutron, or Implementing RxSwift using Test

Conflicts with Teammates: Testing View Controllers, resolved frankly and with weekly syncs and agile kudos

As a Independant Consultant

Most Challenging: Optimizing the rendering of the night’s sky using Unity3D, especially how to handle points of interest and scale in a User Interface

What I learned: Formatting dynamic Text displayed to the user using mustache templates rendered with into NSAttributedString

Most Interesting: Working on a project that produced real hardware and software, it affected my preferences to work since, now it is why I’m into home automation.

Hardest Bug: Not much to report

Enjoyed Most: Unity3D work using C# and interfaces to define how scenes would transition and a camera would navigate across the night’s sky

Conflicts with Teammates: Nothing to report, talk about dealing with client consultant relationships instead. Issues are resolved with frank and open conversations about time of delivery, compensation and misaligned expectations, and generally me putting in the extra effort once things were clear.


Most Challenging: Augmented Reality Sparkles using Cocos2D and String

What I learned: UITableViewCollection and all the many ways to use it

Most Interesting: UIViewController transitions

Hardest Bug: Maps and having Locations in Cupertino to pass app review for an app in China with Chinese locations

Enjoyed Most: working with the contractors we used to do new games and our backend, it taught me the most and made me feel integral tot he success of the company to manage those contacts

Conflicts with Teammates: Oftentimes I conflicted with our designer, we resolved it by talked more about a designs intent and I was much better at providing alternative for the user’s intent than the design spec

Biggest Weaknesses I’m aware of

My attention runs deep and into the details of sometimes trivial issues. I’ve found myself solving problems using the perfect solution at the expense of the good enough and that has caused time constraints for my project in the past. An example of this is working on Testing solutions before working on implementations in projects where stakeholders didn’t want test. in short sometimes I’ve lost the forest for the trees.

I can often be long winded, sometimes I’ll talk about something that doesn’t contribute to the task at hand. Because I’m aware of this, in the past during interviews I have overcompensated by being terse, but around the offive I’m known to be quiet talkative.

My Questions for you, the Interviewer

What are the time frames of Sprints and Releases?

How many direct reports does my hiring manager have? How often are 1:1s with them, are their dotted line reports as well as solid line reports.

Whats a typical day like, week like, sprint like and release like for this role, or in roles similar to this one?

I’m interested in SwiftUI and Combine, are their opportunities to use them in this role.