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2015 The Shuffle

Added on by Paul Wood.

I moved back the USA in 2015. I didn't want to publish that life change and my reasoning around it until I've gotten settled in the US and reaffirmed that it was a good decision. 

China is great. I will always look fondly on my time there. But I went to China to gain expertise in a field that is difficult to obtain. I've now learned Chinese culture and business practices and decided that utilizing that skill isn't what I want to do on a day to day basis and living in China isn't comfortable.

So Heres a list of what I'll miss and then a list of What I will not miss about China.

Will NOT Miss

  • Chinese Internet & The Great Firewall
  • Air Pollution
  • Third World Living in the City

Will Miss

  • Friends
  • Food
  • Huge Buildings
  • Cheap Taxis

 I'll try to update this in the next weeks as important things come to mind

My wife Marina and I are now happily married and living in Inman SC. I don't think we will be here long but having free rent made the transition very easy for us. Thanks Mom and Dad for having a Spare house!