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Swift Resources

Added on by Paul Wood.

This is a living document of Swift resources I find noteworthy, every few days I'll try to categorize my growing list on links about Swift. I hope its helpful to whoever might find this on the internet but like most things on this site I'm writing this just for myself.

Apple's Resources

  • Splash Page
  • Swift iBook
  • Swift iBook on the web
  • Using Swift with Cocoa and Objective-C
  • WWDC Videos (You should be a Developer to read these)
    • 401 What new in Xcode 6
    • 402 Introduction to Swift
    • 403 Intermediate Swift
    • 404 Advanced Swift
    • 406 Untegrating Swift with Objective-C
    • 407 Swift Interoperability in Depth
    • 408 Swift Playgrounds
    • 409 Introduction to LLDB and the Swift REPL
    • 410 Advanced Swift Debugging in LLDB
    • 411 Whats new in Interface Builder

Other High Level Resources

Cheat Sheets

Github Projects and Sample Code