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Great Software Links for the Week

Added on by Paul Wood.

Phabricator - Facebook uses this for project management and bug tracking

How I Evaluate Third-Party Dependencies - I disagree with this guy on only one point, Cocoapods saves me so much time

fuckingblocksyntax - I hate it when I need to go to this site but I needed to this week to figure out a new warning from Xcode 5.1 

nshipster on namespacing I need to start using PAW as my namespace instead of PW

WeChat Bot - My buddy Matt at ReignDesign made this cool bot.

Ray on Linode - I like Ray's Tutorials (actually Chris Lowe), and I already have a node.js server on Linode.

SSToolkit got updated - I use this in most of my projects but I don't need most of it, now I can pick and choose the correct classes to import into my projects