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My bike trip across China taught me how great audio entertainment can be. I listened away hours of the day, while simultaneously rode hours of the day away on my bike. Now I often use Audio as a filler for not watching much TV but still wanting an escape from what I need to do. Podcast make doing the dishes enjoyable, Audiobooks make 8 hour bike rides something I look forward to. 

Development Podcast

First and foremost to this list are my tech podcast. ATP is my favorite thing to listen to on a weekly basis, the others provide lunchtime entertainment that keeps my mind close to my work but not quite "in" my work. I like these because I feel like I am bouncing ideas of the host instead of listening to them because they all seem to think like me.

History & Politics

History was always my best subject and the reason is simple, I find it very interesting and after hearing something once or twice I remember it pretty well. Fiction isn't always necessary for great stories, history is where all the seeds of great stories truly began.

Pop Culture

Just because I need to laugh and think like an American sometimes.

Game Podcast

Heres where I get a little weird from the regular Podcast listener I guess. I like Dungeons and Dragons podcast. I was first introduced to it by the Acquisitions Incorporated podcast (best found on Youtube now) But these Podcast are updated weekly instead of yearly so I've now started following their stories. Critical Hit and TPK are great because the actors in the story don't know whats going to happen next, its like listening to an Audio book as events are being written. I think we will see a new art form in time from Podcast like these.

Podcast Client

Overcast has one great feature that makes it stand out from the crowd, "Smart Speed" after listening to a podcast like Critical Hit using "Smart Speed" I knew I would never go back. Smart Speed took an otherwise 1 hour podcast and shortened it down to 35 min. Critical Hit's content is great but due to the nature of the Podcast, a bunch of friends playing a Roleplaying Game, there are many long pauses where players are making decisions. "Smart Speed" makes all these phases instantaneous, and now previously thoughtful players become confident decision makers, that are much more interesting to listen to. Most importantly, I save time and can listen to more content.


I get all my Audiobooks from Audible, here are my favorite books from the last year and a half.